Remarais Jean- Baptiste in matin Caraibes

Remarais Jean- Baptiste in matin Caraibes

Here is a picture of Remarais Jean- Baptiste who is one of the hosts in the popular Haitian Radio show Matin Caraibes.

Broadcast through the cities of Miami, Montreal, and Paris, to name a few, the radio station Radio Caraibes FM has been a helpful link for those of the Haitian diaspora, broadcasting in French with journalists such as Program Director of Public Affairs, Louinel Saintalbord, Jean-Jahkob Jeudy, Jean-Samuel Trezil, and Carlo Sainristil. The station was founded in 1949 by the Brown family, but is now operated by Patrick Moussignac. Radio Caraibes FM's greatest claim to fame is hosting the country's most popular talk show, Ranmasse.

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