Sauveur Pierre Etienne

Sauveur Pierre Etienne

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Sauveur Pierre Étienne (born September 5, 1959) is a politician, political scientist and a teacher of Haiti. He is the coordinator of the Struggling People's Organization (or Organisation Politique Lavalas) political party created in 1991. He obtained his Master Degree of Science Development in the Faculty of Ethnology from the University of Haiti and Masters in Social science from at the Latin American Faculty in Mexico and finally a PhD in political science at the University of Montreal. During his election campaign, he had promised his government will have economic and social policy to bring investment towards the domestic growth sectors, adopt suitable land management legal framework. He was one of the 54 Presidential candidates in the October 25 election. Under his OPL banner, he has obtained 30,227 or 1.94% of total votes and came seventh in the list. He is one of the eight candidates to sign the memorandum demanding the CEP an Independent Commission to investigate the alleged frauds affecting the integrity of the October 25, 2015 election.

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