Senatè Moïse Pran Gaz nan manifestasyon kont gouvenman Martelly

Senatè Moïse Pran Gaz nan manifestasyon kont gouvenman Martelly

Mezanmi, me foto Senatè Moïse Jean Charles pandan yon manifestasyon yer. Senatè-a Pran anpil Gaz nan manifestasyo kont gouvenman

Ginyin anpil moun ki dakor ak Senatè-a, konsa, gin anpil moun ki pa dakor ak li

On October 17, a team of protesters comprising of opposition political parties like Patriotic Movement of the Democratic Opposition, Patriotic Force for the Respect of the Constitution, the Organization Tèt ansanm and other organizations close to Fanmi Lavalas demonstrated agitation in demand for better living conditions and departure of the team in power. However, due to the Government's strategy the demonstration was less mobilizing than its earlier protest of September 30. Because, many citizens attended, a government organized music program on "The life of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines". The demonstrators repeatedly attempted to enter Petionville, ignoring police obstructions. At the first stage, the police tried to pacify them by peacefully pushing at the level of Delmas 30. However, at the end, to disperse the angry protesters they had to use tear gas and water cannons. Over a ten demonstrators were arrested; Senator Moïse, the leader of the demonstrators strongly overpowered by tear gas took refuge in a club in Delmas 33. However, following the event he called on citizens to remain mobilized and has given rendezvous on October 26.

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