Shabba engaged to Marie Diane Claude

Shabba engaged to Marie Diane Claude

Here is the superstar Shabba as he was engaged to Marie Diane Claude, his 11 year girlfriend and the mother of his 3 children.

Shabba or Herve Anthenor, the noted singer and percussionist (congas) of Djakout# 1 has tied the knot with his boo, Claudia Claude. They are engaged to be married and make things formal. The official date of their marriage has not yet been announced. Congratulations on finding each other, we wish you both an eternity of love. Shabba and Claudia Claude (Diane Claude) were in relationship for last 11 years and she is the mother of his three children. As per some unofficial sources, the wedding will take place sometime in December, this year in New York while the reception has been scheduled for Haiti.

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