Sommet CARICOM-USA i la Jamaïque

Sommet CARICOM-USA i la Jamaïque

The Leaders attending CARICOM

During the occasion, the U.S President did underline the principal agenda of the summit as, maintenance of human right, combatting transnational crime, the effects of climate change and the production of clean, less expensive energy sources. He also announced a new fund ($20 million) to mobilize private investment in the clean energy sectors in the Caribbean and Central American region. These projects will be supported by the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and USAID. The U.S. with supports from community partners, will jointly supervise the progress of the projects so that necessary productive steps can be taken when required. OPIC will finance a 20 Mega Watt solar energy project in Jamaica, in addition to the existing 36 Mega Watt facility in Malvern, St. Elizabeth Parish. The joint working groups will educate and look for opportunities on clean energy generation, transportation and diversification. To improve the tourism in the region, the Department of Energy, with its Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and OPIC will undertake a program to make the tourist hotels energy efficient.

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), established in 1973, is an organization of 15 Caribbean nations and dependencies, formed with the objective to promote economic integration and cooperation among its members, to ensure that the benefits of integration are equitably shared, and to coordinate foreign policy.

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