Sorel Jacinthe and Michel Martelly on Haitian Constitution

Sorel Jacinthe and Michel Martelly on Haitian Constitution

the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Sorel Jacinthe, seems to have different interpretation of the Haitian Constitution. According to the Haitian Deputy, the selection of a Prime minister is done directly by the Haitian president and not to be done by a commission. This issue came to existence as President Michel Martelly told the press that he formed a commission responsible to select the new Prime Minister and to negotiate with both chambers.

It is obvious that the Chamber of Deputies, Sorel Jacinthe, has not been in approval of the recent behavior of the president. he feels that Martelly has an obligation to meet the head of both chambers before he select the Prime Minister.
According to sources close to President Michel Martelly, the name of the new Prime Minister will be made public by the end of this week. Some people suggested the name of Wilson Laleau, former university rector, to become the next Prime Minister.

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