Day of the Dead in Haiti or Gede

Day of the Dead in Haiti or Gede

Gede is celebrated in Haiti on the occasion of the Day of the Dead, November 2. It is said that the "Gede" or Baron Samdi is the guardian of the cemetery, he is a master, one of the great minds in Haitian voodoo. Baron Samdi represents both Life and Death. Its colors are white, black and purple

All Saints Day, November 2nd, is known as the Day of the Dead in Haiti. Voodoo believers spend the month of November paying homage to Baron Samdi, god of the dead.

Voodooists visit cemeteries to pray to Samdi and spirits of their dead relatives. They adorn graves with fresh flowers and light candles, and then feast on the food and drink they have brought with them, dancing until dawn at Voodoo temples.

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