Royal Caribbean ship in Labadee, Haiti

Royal Caribbean ship in Labadee, Haiti

Here is a picture of Royal Caribbean ship in Labadee, Haiti.

'Labadee' is a tourist oriented resort on the northern coast of Haiti leased to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. until 2050. It is located some six miles from Cape Haitian. The place is very nice, as are its beaches. They are pleasant, relaxing with lots of beach chairs. Since 1986, when RC Cruise made its deal with Baby Doc Duvalier in 1986, Royal Caribbean Cruises has been contributing a larger portion of their revenue to Haiti. Royal Caribbean does not pay any rent of any kind for the 260 acres of waterfront property, but its passengers pay a $12 head tax (it was $10 till February 2015). This private beach resort features pristine beaches, coral reefs and lagoon-like bays surrounded by forested mountains. The location is named after its first French settler marquis de La Badie, who came here in the 17th century. A typical day in Labadee may include snorkeling, filling up your plate at the buffet BBQ, zipping across the water on the 2,600 ft long Dragon's Breath Flight Line or snoozing in a beach chair on a private beach of 25 people.

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