Louis Eugène Roy, Haitian President

Louis Eugène Roy, Haitian President

Here is a picture of Louis Eugène Roy, Haitian President during the "Tedeum".

Louis Eugene Roy, Haiti's 29th president, came to office as a provisional president, whose main purpose was to prepare the nation to hold elections for the new National Assembly. He was appointed by American High Commissioner to Haiti, General Russell, succeeding Louis Borno, who had resigned from office.

Roy was picked to serve U.S. interests as Borno had done before him. But Borno only cooperated with the U.S. as long as the U.S. helped Haiti improve its economy. So it was with careful consideration of Roy's character he was chosen to more perfectly serve the U.S. In his time as president (May 15, 1930 ' November 18, 1930) Roy made improvements in government's infrastructure in organizing for the next elections, and for this reason he has been considered one of Haiti's best leaders.

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