Raoul Peck to direct The Young Karl Marx

Raoul Peck to direct The Young Karl Marx

Raoul Peck to direct the ambitious project "The Young Karl Marx". This is a movie tracing Marx and Engels' journey to complete Communist Manifesto

The Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck is on board to direct "The Young Karl Marx,"-- a drama chronicling the period between 1830-1848, including Karl Marx's time in Paris before being expelled to Brussels, his turbulent youth and friendship with Friedrich Engels. The film, set against the backdrop of the 1848 rebellions, is an ambitious project which depicts the completion of Marks- Engel's Communist Manifesto that gave birth of the labor rights movement. The title characters will be played two German actors: August Diehl (famous for Night Train to Lisbon) as Karl Marx, and Alexander Fehling (well known for Inglorious Basterds) as Engels. The film is a joint production of Agat Films and Peck's own Velvet Film with supports of Artemis Prods in Belgium and Rohfilm in Germany. The script is co-authored by Peck himself and Pascal Bonitzer.

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