Digicel Foundation Opens its 150th School in Haiti

Digicel Foundation Opens its 150th School in Haiti

The Digicel Foundation has been a true partner in Haiti. This is a picture where the foundation is celebrating the opening of its 150th School in Haiti

At the opening of the 150th school built in Haiti by the Digicel Foundation, the company's founder, Dennis O'Brien addressed those present at Ecole Nationale de Grande Savane's grand opening by outlining the direction needed to secure Haiti a brighter future. The company's focus on education, with investments into these new school facilities costing many millions of dollars, was not by chance. According to O'Brien, Haiti's very future is heavily dependent on the investment into children and education people can make today. Putting money where his mouth is, O'Brien announced that the company will be continuing the project with a new 2-year programme.

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