Center For Haitian Studies

Center For Haitian Studies

The Center for Haitian Studies, Health, and Human Services, Inc. (CHS) was created following the confusion about the causes AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Haitians were one of the group of people unjustly labeled as high risk for AIDS and also for the transmission of the disease. Haitians in turn felt at the time that they were victims of this because of their status as immigrants and black. The felt that the larger society did not want them to be in the United States.

With the creation of the Center for Haitian Studies, Haitians were more willing to seek help there as this was a Haitian facility witht e goal to help Haitians. The Haitian who were affected by the AIDS virus were more willing to come to such a facility to get treatment.

From those early and shaky beginning, Center for Haitian Studies has managed to become a real actor in the lives of many Haitians in Miami-Dade county as well as to other ethnic community of South Florida.

The Center for Haitian Studies is now considered one of the few successful counseling program for Haitian Americans affected by HIV/AIDS. The center now offers a wide range of medical services in the Haitian community, including: , OB/GYN,, Pediatric care, Family Medicine, HIV, AIDS, HIV Testing, HIV Counseling, Outreach, Education, Doctor, Health, Clinic

Center For Haitian Studies
8260 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138
Tel: +1(305) 757 9555
Fax: +1(305) 756 8023

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