Dumarsais Estime, born in verrettes

Dumarsais Estime, born in verrettes

Here is a picture of former Haitian president Dumarsais Estime.

Accorting to the Haitian history, former Haitian president Dumarsais Estime was born poor in the small city of Verrettes. He was fortunate enough to have a family member who was interested about him, specifically an uncle, who took him to the Haitian Capital.

Dumarsais Estime, very focused individual, obtained a law degree and started teaching in Port-au-Prince. With an interest in the politic of his country, he started making a name for himself and paid a price for that after he was exiled during the government of Louis Borno. Upon his return into the country, Dumarsais Estime joined Haiti's nationalist movement in 1930 and became an outspoken opponent of the United States occupation of Haiti.

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