Enex Jean Charles New Prime Minister of Haiti

Enex Jean Charles New Prime Minister of Haiti

Here is a picture of Mr. Enex Jean Charle. According to Radio Station Scoop FM, he has been designated as new Prime Minister.

Now Haiti has a new prime minister named Enex Jean-Charles, amid its political crisis. The new Prime Minister is a civil servant and professor of administrative law who has served as adviser to several presidents. On late Thursday, March 24, 2016, the Senators have voted 20- 0 in favor of Enex Jean-Charles' general policy statement. However, finding a consensus over his nomination was not an easy task, because a group of deputies played hardball with his nominator Privert, refusing to provide a quorum for the hearing until a list of their demands were met. Their main demands were publication of a new election date, and the publication of mayoral results which had been put on hold till the names of the new members of the Provisional Electoral Council are decided. It is unclear how their demands and myriad of problems with their constituencies were met. The President of the Chamber Cholzer Chancy after several requests had mentioned that this is a provisional government with limited mandates. Finally, the new Prime Minister has got approval of the parliament for his 15-member cabinet from both the senate and the lower chamber. The new cabinet is composed of 18 ministries, which would be managed by 15 ministers who have sworn in as part of the country's interim government.

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