Kerlson Charles and Enoch Géné Génélus

Kerlson Charles and Enoch Géné Génélus

Here is a picture of the Former Government Commissioners Kerlson Charles Kerlson Charles and Enoch Géné Génélus

As per news report dated April 20, 2015, two Government Commissioners, one from Port-au-Prince and the other from Gonaïves have been terminated on charges of unfair practices. Government Prosecutors Kerson Darius Charles of Port-au-Prince ordered a trial by himself in the case of Woodly Etheart, alias Samson Lafamilia that caused the release of two well known criminals from Gang Galil, Woodly Etheart, alias Samson Lafamilia, and Renel Nelfort. This happened because at the end of the trial, the prosecutors asked that the charges are to be dropped.
In subsequent period, the Commissioner ignored a series of complaints lodged by the victims. Government Commissioner Enoch Géné Génélus was sacked because he released a prisoner (Madsen Clervoyant, a Haitian-American businessman who was imprisoned by an unjustified means with a motive of extortion) temporarily to visit bank and draw $50,000 to pay for an out of the court settlement for his release. Clervoyant is still detained in the prison, never released.

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