Former rebel Guy Philippe supporting Jovenel Moise

Former rebel Guy Philippe supporting Jovenel Moise

Here is a picture of former rebel Guy Philippe as he supporting Jovenel Moise as candidate for President of Haiti.

In last January, former Senator and coup leader Guy Philippe threatened to divide the country unless then President Martelly leaves his office within February 7, 2016 deadline. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has a longstanding arrest warrant against Philippe over charges of cocaine smuggling and money laundering. Furthermore, the Human Rights Watch has accused him of extrajudicial killings and he has alleged involvement in the recent attack at the Les Cayes police station which resulted in the death of a policeman, four attackers, and injuries to five officers. He is a former Tonton Macoutes leader and a suspended Haitian Police Chief. Guy Philippe is popular and has a stronghold in the southern part of Grand' Anse Department. He has endorsed his support for former President Martelly's handpicked presidential candidate Jovenel Moise.

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