BCEN has rejected the candidacy of First Lady Sophia Martelly

BCEN has rejected the candidacy of First Lady Sophia Martelly

It is now a matter of time before the National Bureau of Electoral Disputes makes it official. In the meantime, several reliable sources said the candidacy of the first lady Sophia Martelly is history. It has been rejected.

According to Miami Herald, a spokesman for Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), did not want to come out and confirm the news. Here are the reasons for rejecting the candidacy of Sophia Martelly for the Senatorial race in the West Department: She is an American citizen, was administering and needs a discharge to run. The first lady was also accused of committing fraud by voting in the 2010 presidential elections as a U.S. citizen

Electoral Council says First Lady ineligible for a Senate run

First Lady Sophia Martelly cannot run for a senate seat later this year. According to the National Bureau of Electoral Disputes, she lacks requirements of Haitian citizenship to make a senate bid.

Although she gave up her U.S. citizenship in 2014, the opposition claims she didn't apply for a Haitian passport at 18, a deal-breaker.

The Electoral Council made a public announcement notifying the public of their final decision.

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