Viviane Gauthier and Haitian dances yanvalou, nago, rada

Viviane Gauthier and Haitian dances yanvalou, nago, rada

Here is the picture of Haitian Dance Viviane Gauthier. She hat been credited for keeping Haitian folklore dances alive such as Yanvalou, nago, rada.

Yanvalou, the Nago and the Rada are the names of three different forms of Haitian folk dance, different parts of voodoo drumming. Viviane Gauthier is a 97-year-old goddess of Haitian dance, a choreographer and a dance teacher. She has been credited for keeping these forms of Haitian folklore dances alive. Viviane is an inspirational example of the power and valuable influence of older people and she beautifully encapsulates core Haitian philosophy-- represents the immense contribution of the elderly in a society. She has represented Haitian folk dance all around the world. She is known as "the goddess of Haitian dance" because without her dedication for a long 75 years, it is believed that Haitian folklore dance would effectively be dead. She has completed her 97th birthday on March 17, 2015. Despite her age, Viviane Gauthier is an active figure in the dance community in Haiti.

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