Protest in support of President Jean Bertrand Aristide

Protest in support of President Jean Bertrand Aristide

Here is a picture of a supporter of former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide carrying a picture of his leader.

While celebrating the eighth anniversary of ouster on February 29, 2012, several thousand supporters of Jean-Bertrand Aristide accused the Martelly administration for doing nothing enough to improve people's lives. They pointed out the mounting political conflicts between the President and his critics on issues of rebuilding the nation since the 2010 earthquake. The volume of the crowd hinted the level of support for the former President. Protesters accused Martelly of holding dual citizenship that could bar him from the President's office. However, the government had firmly denied such allegation. Recently, in the last August, 2014, Aristide was summoned to testify in court before a magistrate conducting an investigation into corruption and money laundering. His supporters have warned that major protests would erupt, if any politically motivated arrest is carried out on Aristide.

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