Carline Viergelin selected to replace Néhémie Joseph

Carline Viergelin selected to replace Néhémie Joseph

The Voodoo Sector has made its choice by selecting Carline Viergelin to replace Néhémie Joseph.

Within a week of the resignation of Joseph Néhémy from the Provisional Election Commission (CEP) on October 2nd, Carline Viergelin has been appointed as her replacement representing the Voodoo and the peasant community on the nine-member council of CEP. The correctness about the news of her appointment published on Le Nouvelliste has been confirmed by the Secretary General of the National Palace because, as per the Secretary General's statement, a Presidential Decree has already names Carline Viergelin as electoral adviser-- just a matter of swearing will bring back the CEP to 9 members. However, none of the leaders of the Haitian Voodoo sects, such as Charles Suffrard (organization Tet Kole Peyizan), Euvonie Georges Auguste (Haitian National Vodouisante Confederation or KNVA) or Augustine St. Clou representing 18 voodoo organizations in the country, are aware of her selection. This shows how the voodoo sector in the country is plagued by divisions.

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