Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerécif

Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerécif

Here is a picture of gang leaders Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerécif.

Woodly Ethéard alias Sonson Lafamilia and his accomplice Renel Lecref, are two criminal leaders of the Galil gang. They were involved in innumerous cases of money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping, false imprisonment against claims of ransom, and many other criminal conspiracies. They two jointly worth an unaccounted annual valuation of $44 million. These two criminals were booked and arrested several times, but every time, they were released with questionable legal orders. The Galil gang has 15 cases of kidnapping and forcible confinement to its credit and collected US$ 1,489,500 as per court records. In a six-year period, the gang abducted 17 people. Woodly Ethéard is a former music promoter and a friend of former president Michel Martelly.

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