Hospital Saint-François de Sales, Haiti

Hospital Saint-François de Sales, Haiti

St. François de Sales Hospital has been recently designated as a university teaching hospital under the University of Notre Dame of Haiti. The hospital was established in Port-au-Prince in 1881. Before the earthquake in 2010, the hospital employed 291 people and had 117 beds. The devastating earthquake destroyed 80% of the hospital building and took lives of nearly 140 patients and staff members.

Since the violent tremor, it is operating in tents, offering simple acceptable level of comfort and quality care. Now, at the original site of St. François de Sales Hospital in the heart of Port-au-Prince, a modern, 120-plus bed teaching hospital is taking shape. During the period of construction, the present facilities will relocate temporarily--for about 12 to18 months, to the Grand Seminary of Notre Dame of Cazeau, approximately twelve miles from the current site.

Rue Chareron - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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