US Ambassador Kenneth Merten to support PNH and judiciary

US Ambassador Kenneth Merten to support PNH and judiciary

A new initiative to improve Haiti Police and Judiciary. According to US Ambassador Kenneth Merten, the US will fund the construction of a police station in Cité Soleil, a prison for women, the expansion of national penitentiary and the renovation of several other institutions across the country.
The Ambassador reiterated the commitment of the United States, to bring its contribute to the Police Nationale d'Haiti (PNH), and the judiciary. "We know that the security is essential to the stability that it is necessary to regain, if you want to reach the prosperity and the development of the country"
US Ambassador Merten wants to make sure that the Haitian population knows that the US government is committed to help Haiti create a stable and secure environment in Haiti as they are essential for economic development

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