Charles St-Remy (Kiko) in a fight with Laurent Lamothe

Charles St-Remy (Kiko) in a fight with Laurent Lamothe

The brother of Haitian First Lady, Charles St-Remy (Kiko) has decided to take a fight with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to the Public

A Martelly-Lamothe Dynasty is in the Making

Emotions are boiling over as violent uprisings erupt throughout Haiti in anticipation of a presidential rule by decree come January 1st. In Port-au-Prince various reports say that the Haitian National Police, government security agents, or pro-government goons in police uniforms started shooting at protestors. Two deaths occurred and four others were injured.

What most astounded the public was that President Martelly's brother-in-law, Kiko St. Remy, was among the crowd of protestors, there to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe. He says Lamothe is involved in corruption activities, and has been ordering arrest warrants for 20 protest leaders in recent weeks.

The power dynamics of the Martelly-Lamothe government are internecine, and Kiko is currently a tipping point between two historical rivals, the bourgeoisie and the grandon, whose militia arm was the Tonton Macoutes. Jean-Claude Duvalier melded the two rivals in the Macouto-bourgeoisie alliance. Martelly follows the same model, with his wife Sofia descended from the St. Remy grandon-allied family.

Attorney Gervais Charles, who served under Martelly, says he and Lamothe are planning to hold onto power between them, alternately running for the presidency, so each serves for two terms up until 2031. Six senators in Parliament (Moise Jean-Charles, Wesner Polycarpe, Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime, Francky Exius, John Joel Joseph, and Jean William Jeanty) are stonewalling the passage of the fraudulent electoral law, and Martelly won't compromise, which will lead to a rule by decree by January 1st, something Martelly has been planning all along.

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