Haitian lottery system, No borlette is complete without a  ​tchala

Haitian lottery system, No borlette is complete without a ​tchala

How Haitian lottery system came to be so popular in the Haitian society. When you talk about the Haitian Borlette, you now talk about tchala, New York lotto tickets, the Dominican Republic Lottery, bookies and much more

Haitian Lottery System, No Borlette is Complete Without a Tchala

The devastating earthquake has reduced much of the country to rubble, but one industry continues to grow amid the devastation.

A huge "Borlette" network, a typical version of the New York Lotto, covers the whole of Haiti that earns almost US$ 250,000 a day.The Haitians call them "Bank Borlette". "Tchala", the money of dreams is a journey through the world of Borlette game. The game is a popular form of private lottery in Haiti on which gamblers bets on balls bearing two digit numbers, in order to avoid fraud, these balls are drawn randomly every night in four different cities abroad--Miami, New York, Santo Domingo, Caracas. The game is present in all segments of life--from home, office, streets, countrysides and even in the presidential palace. The origin of Borlettes dates back to the regime of Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. In 1969, the then dictator of the country legalized the game soon after its inception. An estimate in 2005 revealed that the streets of the Haitian capital city were home to nearly 2,000 the "banques de borlette", more than double the number of schools and universities in Port-au-Prince. Haitians spent over $1.5 billion per year on the borlette, an astounding amount for a country whose GDP in the year 2009 was $6.9 billion! During the same year, there were eleven private companies to run banques de borlette in Port-au-Prince; the largest one had hundreds of franchises.

In a sense, "Borlette" is a temporary but tangible license to fantasize about everything the poor Haitians would do if suddenly money becomes no object. The poor people are too deeply (and expensively) engaged in the fantasy for their own good. They dream of lucky numbers, Even the voodoo priests are enlisted for help.

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