Hospital Bon Samaritain, Limbé

Hospital Bon Samaritain, Limbé

Hôpital Bon Samaritan (HBS) was founded in 1953 as a very basic Christian outpatient clinic and grew to be one of Haiti's principal health centers under the guidance of late William H. Hodges, MD. The hospital is a project under the Fondation HBS which is a non-profit organization partly sponsored by HBS Foundation Inc, Florida. The 130 bed facility of the hospital has above 90% annual occupancy rate.

The ever busy outpatient department of Hospital Bon Samaritain, Limbé is complemented with a full functional laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, maternity, pediatrics, adult ward and surgery. Normal routine treatments include: protein and vitamin malnutrition, thyroid, malaria, respiratory infection, eye infections, skin disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, chronic heart failure, syphilis and other venereal diseases,

Contact: #1 Anciene Grande Rue, Limbe, Haiti; Phone 561 246 3360 ; E-mail, &

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