Leslie Francois Manigat Honored

Leslie Francois Manigat Honored

Here is a picture of Former Haitian president Leslie François Saint Roc Manigat who was honored during Lives en Folie annual book Fair in May, 2013, for his accomplishments.

Born August 16, 1930 in Port-au-Prince, Leslie François Manigat became president of Haiti during a controlled military time in January 1988.

Leslie Manigat was a professor at the prestigious l'Université de Paris-VIII Vincennes. He published articles on education in various Haitian Newspapers: Le Nouvelliste, La Phalange, Le Matin.

Leslie Manigat married to Mirlande Manigat who is also in this picture. Mirlande run an unsuccessful campain for the Presidency post in 2010.

Leslie Manigat won several prestigious awards, including Haiti Grand Prize of literature 2004,

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