Jovenel Moise, a big winner

Jovenel Moise, a big winner

Here is the picture of candidate Jovenel Moise, a big winner.

The number that puts ruling party's candidate Jovenel Moïse much ahead of his other contenders has raised suspicions of massive frauds. As per announcement of Pierre-Louis Opont, the director general of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), the first two top finishers are Jovenel Moise of PHTK party and Jude Celestin from LAPEH banner. Moise has received 511,992 votes or 32.81% of the total votes, and Celestin obtained 394,390 or 25.27% of votes. Moise Jean-Charles of Pitit Dessalines finished third (14.27%) and Fanmi Lavalas' Maryse Narcisse came in fourth (7.05%). In the presidential contest, 1,538,393 valid votes were cast, the number of invalid votes were 120,066 and 22,238 votes were cast to 'no candidate'-- making that 8th place finisher. Turnout on October 25 was 26.4%. The nine member committee of the CEP has received 162 formal complaints of fraud within the scheduled grievance reporting time and has decided to investigate on 42 of such complaints. There are complaints that about 62% of the cast votes were acts of election riggings by the party agents. Numbers of election ballots, both filled and unfilled, were found lying carelessly in an unsecured manner following the election day. Since none could achieve the mandatory lead, there will be a run-off election on December 27, 2015.

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