Third Annual Haitian Caribbean Book Fair In Little Haiti

Third Annual Haitian Caribbean Book Fair In Little Haiti

The third Annual Haitian Caribbean Book Fair to be held in Little Haiti.

On Thursday, May 21, the European Union with a funding of € 437,000 and support from the local communal board of Bizoton and the Association of Progressive Citizens for advancement and Country Reconstruction (ACPARP) and César Foundation for the Weak of Haiti (FCPFH) has launched a project on "drinking water supply and sanitation in the localities of Fonds-Brache, Grand Caille and Bel-Air". The project will initially allow the locals to have access to better quality of water through the sanitation of the nearest source of Chaud'eau which serves all of these localities. The total project is expected to be completed within a period of 30 months. During the launching ceremony, Javier Nino Perez, the Ambassador of EU has said, the EU promotes all inclusive development approach which concretely improves the living conditions of the most vulnerable segments of the population by providing essential services.

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