Le Petit Samedi Soir, Haitian newspaper

Le Petit Samedi Soir, Haitian newspaper

Le Petit Samedi Soir newspaper say its glory days during the reign of Jean Claude Duvalier.

Le Petit Samedi Soir (Small Saturday Night) is a weekly newspaper in French language published from Port-au-Prince that began in 1975 during the reign of Baby Doc. The journal came in to light following the relaxation of press censorship in a policy popularly known as 'Jeanclaudisme'. 'Jeanclaudisme' was developed in Haiti as a result of external pressure from the U.S President Jimmy Carter's administration. When Ady Jean-Gardy joined the company as its Cultural Affairs Director, he along with a team of twenty-year-old dynamic, courageous and curious journalists, transformed the weekly journal into one of the important intellectual, cultural and political Haitian newspaper. During the rule of papa Duvalier, the printing shops of four major Haitian newspapers-- Haiti Miroir, Le Patriote, Le Matin and Independence were bombed and destroyed. Another conservative newspaper la Phalange, controlled by the Roman Catholic Church was closed down in 1961. The press was muzzled. For hard news, Haitians had to rely on the radio stations like Voice of America and Radio Havana or a New York based paper Haiti- Observateur. However, since 1972, the U.S President Jimmy Carter's human right policy, to some extent, made the Haitian government's repression policy restrained.

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