The G8 and Fanmi Lavalas

The G8 and Fanmi Lavalas

Here is The G8 and Fanmi Lavalas

The G8, Fanmi Lavalas and other opposition parties are not satisfied with the announcement of 'Commission of Electoral Evaluation' by the Martelly administration. They, along with other independent observers and U.S media like 'The New York Times', are of opinion that the October election in Haiti, to choose a successor to President Michel Martelly, has been marred by so much ballot tampering, illegal voting and other abuses that it could be denounced as 'illegitimate'. Some of the observers are of opinion that if G8 could find a consensus and form an alliance with Fanmi Lavalas, and all the opposition can stand up as one man against Martelly's handpicked successor Jovenel Moses in the December 27th election, they would be able to prevent the forceful imposition of Jovenel Moses as Martelly's successor.

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