Miami Police arrested Farah Juste at protest

Miami Police arrested Farah Juste at protest

Here is a picture of Haitian singer Farah Juste in a protest against recent election in Miami. She was arrested by Miami Police

Haitian-American protest singer and songwriter, Farah Juste, was arrested by Miami police while she took part in protesting the presidential election results in Haiti. The majority of Haitians believe the elections were rigged to put Jovenel Moise in first place. According to Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Moise received 33% of the vote, but exit polls show just 6% of voters chose him. On a follow-up poll when the preliminary results were made public, the same sampling of voters said the elections were unfair (90%); whereas the exit polls showed 82% thought the elections were fair.

Juste, along with other protestors, showed up at a rally for Jovenel Moise, a presidential candidate running under the Parti Haitien Tet Kale banner. The rally happened at Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Arts Center. The police later let her go in spite of the fact the demonstrators she was with did not possess a protest permit.

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