Jean-Charles Moise, Haitian politician

Jean-Charles Moise, Haitian politician

Here is a picture of Jean-Charles Moise, Haitian politician. Out of the total 54 presidential candidates, Moise Jean Charles, the former senator from North and the former mayor of Milot, does not have any chance to win, but he caught the attention of many for some other reasons. His constant call for social justice won the hearts of many Haitians. In the last presidential run, he ranked third by receiving 14.22% of the popular votes, after Jovenel Moïse (PHTK 32.81% votes) and Jude Celestin (LAPEH, 25.27% votes). Moise, an undermined character in Haitian politics, is the son of a peasant. He comes from a very modest background. In 2015, Moise founded the political party Platform Pitit Desalin. Every time he ran to contest whether as the mayor of Milot or as the Senator, he was told that he is not qualified to achieve his dream, but he made them true. No racism and classism was ever able to dominate this son of Dessalines.

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