Flooding in Haiti, thousands of families affected

Flooding in Haiti, thousands of families affected

Major flooding in Haiti as thousands of families are affected.

Since May 8, 2016, several departments of Haiti, including the North, North West, North East, Artibonite, West, Central and Grand Anse have received heavy rainfall. The prolonged torrential rains that lasted over 24 hours have caused flooding and extensive damages to buildings, transport and livestock. The report of a landslide was received from the Morne Puilboreau on the side that faces the Artibonite Department. The river 'La Quinte' and Blockhaus (St. Marc) in the Lower Artibonite and the drains of Ceinture Biénac were reported to be flooded. Over 215 houses in the city of Baradère were affected. Traffic on the National #2 was disturbed. The Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities gave warning of persistent bad weather which could result saturated soils, increasing the risk of flooding, landslides and mudslides. A depression on the eastern part of Cuba has influenced the bad weather condition in the whole of the Caribbean region. During the first week of May, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have almost erased the deficit of water caused by drought conditions since the beginning of 2015, with vast flooding that has killed four people in Haiti and five people in the Dominican Republic and displaced thousands of others.

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