Moise Jean Charles wounded during protest

Moise Jean Charles wounded during protest

Here is a pictur of former Senator Moise Jean Charlesas he was wounded during a protest taking place on November 18, 2015.

Since the publication of preliminary results between November 5th and 12th, at least twenty protest demonstrations have been organized in 7 days. Some of the main claims associated with these 20 demonstrations were: Complaints of expulsion from the electoral race; Denunciation of handling of the minutes; Denunciation of ballot stuffing; and Release of Pitit Dessalines supporters, arrested and held in custody. Teams of researchers with supports of Brazil-based Igarape Institute have conducted two surveys, one immediately following the election on October 25th and another on November 5th, after the announcement of preliminary results. Eighty two percent of the exit poll voters were agreed on the Election Day that the election was fair, there was no fraud. However, when the same voters were asked after the result on November 5th, Ninety percent of them said they now disagree with the earlier statement.

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