Justin Viard back at the Haitian Consulate in Montreal

Justin Viard back at the Haitian Consulate in Montreal

On Friday, September 4th, 2015, Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal was called back from his office by the Martelly-Evans administration for some undisclosed reasons. He was simply terminated without any viable explanation. It was a sudden revoke that caused many reactions of misunderstanding within the Haitian community of Montreal, because he earned a solid reputation with his active role in the lives of many Haitians living in the province of Quebec. He is a Lawyer (Faculty of Law from the University of Port-au-Prince ), a Member of the AMF (Financial Market Authority), Institute of Business Administration (IAE-third cycle) of France, member of the AMF Quebec, Lawyer body, and a University Professor. He served as the Regional Director of North PROMOBANK (2003 to 2008) and Regional Director of South UNIBANK (February 2009 to September 2010). On June 6, 2016, he has been reinstated by the transitional Government of Jocelerme Privert to his earlier post as the Consul of Haiti in Montreal replacing Kurdy Larèche, the former Vice Consul since 2012, who had held the position of Consul since Viard's dismissal.

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