Master founder, sculptor and painter, Ludovic Booz

Master founder, sculptor and painter, Ludovic Booz

Here is a picture of sculptor and painter, Ludovic Booz who was born on June 16, 1940 in Aquin.

Ludovic Booz (Born June 16, 1940 - Died February 2, 2015) was a Haitian painter and sculptor who sculpted bronze busts of several Haitian presidents. Some of his works have been exhibited in France, Suriname and Israel. This gifted artist had worked under Antonio Joseph at the "Centre D'Art, and around 1960 he studied at the academy of fine Arts. In a note of deepest heartfelt sympathy to his departed soul, the Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH) mourned his departure as a great loss to the Haitian culture. On this occasion at MUPANAH, the Director General of the Pantheon Michèle G. Frisch recalled some of his remarkable creations like 'Arms', 'Indien Inconnu', the busts of Dumarsais Estimé at Port-au-Prince, Hector Hyppolite to Pont Morin and Magloire Ambroise on the place of Jacmel.

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