Wilson Laleau, Eustache Saint-Lot PetroCaribe contradiction

Wilson Laleau, Eustache Saint-Lot PetroCaribe contradiction

Here is a picture of Wilson Laleau on the Right and Eustache Saint-Lot PetroCaribe contradiction on the Left.

May, 2016 - Former Minister of Economy and Finance, Wilson Laleau and general manager of the Office of Monetization of Development Aid Programs (BMPAD), Eustache Saint-Lot contardict eachother at separate hearing in regard to Petro Caribe Fund management

Since the interim President Jocelerme Privert came to power, he has repeatedly denounced the disastrous state of the public finance and has reiterated his commitment to eliminate the looting of public funds, as much as possible. However, as per the last news, the Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger is still waiting for Minister Wilson Laleau's return and Minister Laleau has not shown any sign that he will come to the rescue of his friend. There is a general opinion that the PetroCaribe fund was a frequent subject of embezzlement by many political partiers during the regime of Michel Martelly.

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