policeman Walky Calixte Assassination

policeman Walky Calixte Assassination

This is the Police Officer and Businessman Walky Calixte who was assassinated Assassination.

Based on information published by the Haitian media, policeman Walky Calixte was killed in Martissant 7. Some people have been pointing the finger at Deputy Rodriguez Sejour.

It has been reported on Haitian Radios that the driver of the Deputy Rodriguez Sejour was detained by police for having in his possession a weapon the Deputy says is his.
For his part, Deputy Rodriguez Sejour made it clear that he has nothing to do with the assassination of policeman Walky Calixte

Coincidently, another police officer who was close Walky Calixte, was assassinated by May, 2013. Jean Richard Hertz Cayo was assassinated in Savane Pistache, in Carrefour-Feuilles

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