Cheeseburger Baby opens in Little Haiti

Cheeseburger Baby opens in Little Haiti

When you are thinking about Little Haiti from now on, you might want to think twice. Here is another sign to show that Little Haiti is going through a major renovation. Cheeseburger Baby just opens its popular restaurant on NE 79th Street and NE Second Avenue in Miami which is a location surrendered by Haitian owed businesses

South Beach's Cheeseburger Baby is now also located at NE 79th Street and NE Second Avenue. A food truck-sized venue it occupies 260-square feet.

Owner Stephanie Vitori capitalizes on customers, who pass by Cheeseburger Baby on their way to work, offering them cortaditos and breakfast sandwiches.

Other reasonably-priced items on the menu include turkey burgers, BLTs, grilled cheese, and Philly cheese steaks. All ingredients are fresh-bought the same day, and cooked-to-order.

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