Ronald Lareche, Senator Nord-Est

Ronald Lareche, Senator Nord-Est

Here is Ronald Lareche, Senator Nord-Est.

Again the presidential election scheduled for Sunday, January 24, 2016, has been postponed for a second time over security concerns. This announcement from the electoral council came amid violent protests erupted after the opposition candidate Jude Celestin decided to boycott the contest over alleged fraud. Celestin, the 53-year old run of candidate considers the October 25, 2015 election was a "ridiculous farce". When the final legislative election results were released in December, it sparked violence in many parts of the capital and news of unrests was reported from at least 5 departments-- West, Southwest, North, Northwest and Southeast. Several government buildings, election offices were set ablaze; one 18- year old demonstrator was fatally shot when two factions clashed.

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