First Bus prototype Made in Haiti by Jean-Paul Coutard

First Bus prototype Made in Haiti by Jean-Paul Coutard

Here is a picture of the first bus prototype Made in Haiti by Jean-Paul Coutard.

As part of luxury and comfort, it is equipped with 54 reclining seats, televisions, sound system, custom lamps and sanitary facilities. Once an assembly plant is established, the cost of the new production will be much less.

Earlier to the 'Haitian Pride', transport system in Haiti was very much inadequate-- when it was available--was prohibitively expensive for most citizens. During the inauguration of Rene Preval, the buses used for the occasion were all imported from the Dominican Republic. Jean Paul Coutard took this as a national insult, because he felt that his country must not be so poor and unproductive that it could not even produce its bare essentials. He inherited a love for motor mechanism from his father who was a commercial truck driver.

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