Senator Marco Rubio Visiting Haiti to address Restavec Issue

Senator Marco Rubio Visiting Haiti to address Restavec Issue

The Senator of South Florida, Marco Rubio, conducting his first visit to the island of Haiti. His main purpose is to have a better understanding of the ongoing problem of Restavec and Human trafficking that that has been going on in Haiti for generations.

Visiting with his wife Jeannette, Senator Marco Rubio took the opportunity while in Haiti to visit the Institute for Human and Community Development which is a school for restavecs or children in Haiti who have been working as domestic with more prominent families in Haiti. The parents of these children often willingly offer their children to work with other families in Haiti because they usually can not afford to raise them economically.

Senator Rubio had a brief meeting with the Haitian President Michel Martelly and some business leaders before leaving Haiti on the same day

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