The Report of the Commission of Evaluation to the Nation

The Report of the Commission of Evaluation to the Nation

Here is the report of the Commission of Evaluation to the Nation.

There were many instances where the number of untraceable votes (also called zombie votes) exceeded the legitimate votes. One of the CIEVE members has summed it up as, more dead people have voted than the livings. Suspecting a high level of electoral fraud, they have recommended that October's presidential first-round election should be "restart from zero." The number of untraceable votes received by the first-place presidential candidate, according to the results of the CEP, was higher than the total number of such votes received by the second- and third-place candidates and it was higher than the difference between the first- and fifth-place candidates. As per CIEVE, it appeared that electoral fraud was masterminded at a "high level." Not only some acts were committed in simple violation of the Act, they were well organized; even the electoral decree and the Opont led CEP violated its own standard which were not in conformity with the constitution and the principles of democratic governance."La mission de L'oea.

Martelly's Haitian Bald Headed Party (PHTK) has dismissed the findings of the Commission arguing that it is just a plan for Provisional President Jocelerme Privert to remain in power.

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