Victor Benoit and Yves Rose Myrtil Morquette resigned

Victor Benoit and Yves Rose Myrtil Morquette resigned

Here is a picture of former Minister Yves Rose Myrtil Morquette and Victor Benoit who just gave their resignations to The Government of Michel Martelly, Evans Paul.
The Minister for women and women's Rights in Haiti has resigned the government of Martelly-Paul, following verbal abuses by President Michel Martelly on a woman in Miraguane

Ms. Morquette's resignation letter followed that of the Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Victor Benoit done on August 6, 2015. This decision was taken by the Political Party Fusion Social Democrats following the statement of President Martelly in a political gathering in Miraguane.

Three members of Haiti's coalition government, representatives from the Fusion of Social Democrats have resigned in protest of an inappropriate and ribald humor of the Head of State against a woman in Miragoâne, during a political rally on July 28. During the rally, the President told a woman to go in the bushes and have sex. The woman had accused Martelly's government of incompetence because they failed to bring electricity to her community. The resigned ministers are, Victor Benoit, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Yves Rose Morquette, Minister for the Status and Rights of Women, and Mozart Clerisson, Secretary of State for Literacy. The resignation letters of Yves Rose Morquette and Victor Benoit have been submitted to the Prime Minister; only the letter from the Secretary of State for Literacy is still waiting.

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