Zombie votes in Haiti Election, October 25, 2015

Zombie votes in Haiti Election, October 25, 2015

May 30, 2016 - A Verification Commission headed by Pierre Francois Benoit reported that the elections conducted on October 25, 2015 was characterized by significant fraud and professional misconduct. "After digging into it, we started seeing a pattern where a lot of votes could not be traced to a voter or to a group of voters. I call them "zombie votes"

On the evening of May 30th, 2016, Haiti's Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation and Verification (CIEVE), a five-member team led by a businessman, Francois Benoit, who is a former ambassador to the U.S, released its long-awaited report on the controversial Washington-supported Haitian elections of August 9 and October 25, 2015. The audited report of the five member panel reveals that "the electoral process was marred by serious irregularities, grave inconsistencies, and massive fraud, because only 9% of the total vote cast has been found to be valid." The members of the CIEVE have reviewed 3,235 voter tallies (procès verbal), i.e., a 25% random sample of 12,939 total votes cast.

Their concern includes the complete lack of female officials elected. However, as per the Commission, at least one woman Nétlande Pierre Dérius of the Artibonite did indeed win by popular vote and her case along with 21 other legislature contestants should be remanded to a special electoral court for reinstatement.

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