Gouvènman an Lakay ou in Côtes-de-Fer

Gouvènman an Lakay ou in Côtes-de-Fer

Here is a picture of the11th édition of the program "Gouvènman an Lakay ou" in the city of Côtes-de-Fer.

"Gouvènman an Lakay ou" was held, for its 11th edition, in the hometown of the nation's president. A large delegation of officials including President Martelly, Prime Minister Lamothe, the ministers of Tourism, Agriculture and Justice traveled to Cotes-de-Fer for the event. The journey, which used to take far longer in the past was made simpler by the advances on Route 44, one of the infrastructural plans of the government that have taken root. Before this, in the 1980's, the journey would have taken 2 weeks for the 27 miles, and at the start of the new millenium, only one week was shaved from this time.

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