The Tradition remains - Haiti Kanaval Picture 2015

The Tradition remains - Haiti Kanaval Picture 2015

Haiti's Carnival celebration was cut short by an accident occurring during a parade, killing more than a dozen and injuring several dozen more. In the midst of thousands of spectators lining the streets of Port-au-Prince, the float upon which hip-hop group Barikad Crew (BC) was riding hit an overhead power line. BC lead vocalist Fantom was struck by the falling power line but not killed. Video cameras captured the incident showing sparks shooting off the wire, shocking other people caught in the path of the flailing cable.

Estimates of those killed ranged from 16 to 20. Those injured as a result of pandemonium were estimated to be 78. General Hospital physician Dr. Joel Desire believed the majority of deaths resulted from being stomped to death by panicked and fleeing people. Prime Minister Paul decreed three days of national mourning for the victims, and a candlelight vigil be held at the accident site.

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