Thomassique, Haiti

Thomassique, Haiti

Here is the city of Thomassique in Haiti.

Thomassique is a city located in the Central Plateau; it is the home of about 100,000 people. "St. Joseph Clinic", is the first medical clinic here, built by the 'Medical Missionaries' in 2006. It is presently one of the best health facilities in this region of Haiti. This clinic is a sign of hope and respect for the local people. Here most people live on subsistence farming. The inhabitants of Thomassique have an average per capita income of $700 (it is $40,000 in U.S), their average life span is 61 years (in U.S, it is 78 years), 40% homes in the city and 15% in the outlying villages have water in front of their homes and the rest depends on public fountains, known as "tiyos", which are unsafe to drink. There is no proper public transportation system in the city. Most families could not afford to send their children to school. In spite of hardship and challenges, people live a simple but cheerful and hopeful life in Thomassique.

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