Time to celebrate - Haiti Kanaval Picture 2015

Time to celebrate - Haiti Kanaval Picture 2015

Mardi Gras & Haiti Celebration

Some historians are of the opinion that "Lupercalia", the god of fertility and the god of agriculture and pastoral shepherds, worshipped by the ancient Romans was the first form of Mardi Gras. Its celebration had a Mardi Gras like similarities-- feasting, drinking and enjoying the "pleasures of the flesh". In Haiti, the carnival is heavily influenced by local customs and rituals like Voodoo and Haitian music. People take part in parades with floats which are flamboyantly decorated, music systems are set up on trucks. Participants perform comedy acts often satirizing political topics. Music always remain the central part of their celebration. Haiti is a country with a diverse cultural background. The most of the population follows Roman Catholicism, 16% of the population are Protestants. However, voodoo religion was carried in from Africa by their ancestors and in combination of other tribal religious beliefs, the majority of the Haitians has faith in voodoo practices. Thus, Haiti celebrates rituals, traditions and customs in diversified forms drawn from vast and diverse cultural heritage of French, Spanish and African traditions as well as its Caribbean island culture. Mardi Gras, other than a religious celebration, is a good source of revenue for the country.

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